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Right from the beginning, teaching seniors has been a cornerstone of my work, and I am definitely a far better person as a result.In general, also, being a yoga teacher has been wonderful and enriching.And when people feel good, they tend to have a better attitude towards life and be healthier.How is your program, Ageless Yoga, helpful to people over 55?Each DVD contains two hours of material and should never get tiresome.What do your older students say about practicing yoga?Occasionally, the classes remove a pain quickly, as in the example of a woman who strained her leg badly when she tripped a couple of months ago.

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My hope was that the DVD might get her moving a little, but in fact the DVD has become a guiding force in her life!

In Ageless Yoga, I put particular emphasis on making sure every major joint in the body is used safely but thoroughly.

I also employ rhythmic movement, which I think is usually more effective and safer than static poses for people who are stiff, prone to injury, or have illnesses and conditions like arthritis, MS, and Parkinson's.

She started yoga at the youthful age of 82, and I would love to take credit for her longevity.

I can safely say that she has given me credit for helping with her general enjoyment of life.

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