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In the acknowledgments, Townshend writes that his American publisher "has been forthright and meticulous, keeping me alert to the fact that he and I both want this book to entertain, but also to convince" (, p. So entertainment and conviction are evidently priorities. The recent autobiography of rock star Pete Townshend is promoted as "the most eagerly awaited music memoir of the century." The expectation is evidently one of commercial success.During his late teens, he enrolled at Ealing Art College, wishing to become a sculptor.However, he dropped out because of some complications. A particular feature of Who concerts is controversial. In much of what follows, I accept the truth of Townshend's narrative, but there are omissions discernible. Fans generally regarded that song as an anthem of juvenile liberation, reflecting defiance of authority, and complete with the refrain of "I hope I die before I get old." Pete Townshend was the songwriter here, as in many other instances.Critics say that the identity factor (who I am) should be able to disarm long-standing negative reflections. Some reviewers have listed shocking statements, including Townshend's remark that Mick Jagger was the only man he had "ever seriously wanted" a sexual relationship with (, p. Critics say that the entertainment factor is being calculated via such references.In what follows below, I will avoid many of the entertainments (including four letter words that offend some readers).

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Townshend himself has acknowledged discrepancies between aspects of his former behaviour and his commitment to a spiritual ideal.

“It’s nice to go to an event where you know you will be around people your age.

It’s empowering.”Social events such as these can be fun for seniors, especially those who live alone.

Townshend says that "Roger swaggered up in his Teddy Boy outfit, his hair combed into a grand quiff, trousers so tight they had zips in the seams" (p. Daltrey took a job as a sheet-metal worker, and had the repute of being very capable with his fists.

"Even a nasty drunk knew better than to provoke him" (p. In 1964, The Detours changed their name to The Who.

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