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In the VB4 and VB5 worlds, RDO was the main method used to interact with client/server databases.

RDO works perfectly fine with VB6, so when folks migrated their VB5 applications over to VB6, little or no coding changes were required.

Members of the Endpoint administrators group can manage all endpoints.

As far as RDO is concerned, no new versions of it have been developed beyond the version that shipped with Visual Basic, and there are no future plans for it.

You will typically use an existing service principal that has restricted scope.

You can allocate service principal permissions at the subscription level, resource group level, or resource level.

For details of how to restrict a service principal's access rights by using Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) roles, see Use portal to create an Azure Active Directory application and service principal that can access resources.

To use the manual subscription definition dialog: Note If you select Grant authorization for the Choose authorization option, the dialog shows an Authorize button that opens the Git Hub login page.

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