Scams dating women

"The internet makes our lives easier every day, but it also makes it easier for scams," he said.If you have been a victim of a romance scam, experts encourage you to report it to local authorities, the FBI, FTC and the dating site.

You can even Google the things they write — which could be part of a script — to see if it's been used before.

Barb Sluppick of Branson has been fighting romance scams for 13 years, ever since a man contacted her on Yahoo! He told her that he was from Arizona but working in Nigeria. A Chicago native, Sluppick did not buy that reasoning, as she had not lost her accent after moving to Branson.

Sluppick knew he was lying and kept asking the man why he did that.

Now she has a Facebook group, Romance Scams, and a website, Romance, to warn people about these scams and allow victims to report them.

"These scams are just as prevalent now if not more prevalent than they were 13 years ago," she said.

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