Sample dating headline

Why are you paying so much for it, in fact, doing it.

Rather than just talking about “free wireless” which could make a visitor’s B. detector shoot straight up, it throws a question right back at the visitor – why?

They say that writing the headline is the hardest part of publishing.

Some people have even devised specific strategies to make it easier – ranging from fill-in-the-blank templates to waiting until the last minute to whip up something good and creative.

The hero shot on this page, however, could be better. Scratch Wireless’ headline makes you think – Wireless should be free.

It’s not entirely clear exactly what the process is: do I put PSD files into a timeline of sorts? Its sub-headline is where it hits that light bulb moment – look at all the things wireless can do using your existing internet.

The headline works in that it states exactly what you can do with the site, and then welcomes you to request an invite. A small “Questions and Answers” link in the upper right helps relieve any lingering doubts the visitor may have.

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What I love about this example is that it doesn’t mince words.This one isn’t specifically a headline, but rather the sub-section that typically appears below the headline.When you’re crafting headlines for your landing pages, it’s important not to lose steam after the big reveal (your offer).A newspaper-style clipping and a pair of sinister eyes completes the picture, and it’s easy to tell exactly at-a-glance what this is about.Google said it wouldn’t do something, and they did it anyway.

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