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The Socho system, headquarters of Aegis Core, has been overtaken by a criminal faction. A courier carrying a message from Aegis scientist Dr Mia Valencourt managed to escape the system.The following starports are currently closed: Stackpole City, Lugger Maausk, Maausk Mitchell Dock, Meene Meanwhile, the following starports are on the brink of closure: Pirate's Lament, HIP 17519 Schwann Port, Hajangai Darwin Orbital, 82 Pegasi Landis Orbital, Prajau Rafferty's Mobius, Azrael Ciferri Enterprise, Hidatsa Kennan Vision, NLTT 14879Here are this week’s major stories.Terrorist group the League of Reparation has committed three further murders in Federation space.In other news, Los Chupacabras, an independent faction based in the LFT 926 system, has announced plans for a musical event known as the Jailhouse Rock and Blues Music Festival.In support of the event, Los Chupacabras have placed an open order for quantities of beer, tobacco, coffee and narcotics, and have promised to reward pilots who deliver these commodities to Meredith City in the LFT 926 system.

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