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I don’t know that the character needs it, because it makes him a bit less endearing.But Merchant pulls it off, because — well, he’s Merchant, with his tall, thin figure, disconcertingly-parted hair and a goggly smile that veers between comical and terrifying.

Maybe if I could have afforded a convertible as nice as his.It’s hard enough trying to find someone who’s single, tolerably nice and over their last failed relationship/s, let alone facing the near-impossible challenge of trying to convince them that their lives would be improved with you in it.As someone who doesn’t immediately assume that women I meet must have a me-shaped hole in their lives, I’ve always struggled with the challenge of hooking up, and have always resented those dudes who seem to be instinctively good with women.He shows that all you have to do to date a Hollywood actress is create several of the funniest comedy series of all time, and then star in your own show. But he probably found it considerably easier than asking girls out.He's the brains behind hit TV comedy The Office - but Stephen Merchant must have been working the funny angle overtime to score a date with uber-babe Rose Byrne!

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