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We hurriedly explored the garden and tasted all the natural treats that Mother Nature had provided. Daniel Buzdugan (a very funny guy who presents a morning show on Radio Zu), who was the Godfather to the couple, we travelled to the city centre to attend the civil ceremony. Money may be given but only usually by the parents of the couple.You could also ‘wet your whistle’ with a glass of ice cold spring water from the well in the garden. A fairly normal affair; sign the documents in front of the city appointed official, smile for a few pictures and we were done. From memory, I believe it was 45 minutes from beginning to end. Guests will bring gifts and they’ll also ensure that a ‘Gift Receipt’ is in with the wrapped gift, just in case you don’t like what they gave you.

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To see information about each of these associations, please see the links in the top menu: The yearly national ELT conference is organised in turn, by one of the above regions, in the following order: BETA, CETA, MATE, TETA.

Initially, it’s tedious but you get used to it and start to be more patient. Due to little traffic and minimal stops, we made it there in a record breaking 4 and a half hours.

We were to stay our first night at the Grandparents home, outside of the city.

A comment piece in reaction to the hate and love against Romania in the British press, published in Romanian on If you believe The Daily Mail, all Romanians are benefit frauds, pickpockets and secret millionaires of a specific minority and Romania is a country of mud-huts, sick horses, starving dogs and gated palaces of gold-plated window-frames and weather-cocks, built on the theft from hardworking British families. In Romania, people answer the phone even when they speaking at a podium in a conference or while they are giving birth. As a journalist, I can’t believe I am giving this advice to Romanian politicians, but please, please, please stop talking to journalists. If a woman in the public eye takes time on her appearance, she is labelled a “whore”, but if she chooses not to, she is a “tramp”. If you suggest starting a new venture, they will says yes to collaborating (I am aware this contradicts a previous statement).

But if you believe the The Guardian, all Romanians are gorgeous students destined to be UN Secretary General or Apple CEO and their country is an unspoilt paradise of rolling hills, organic farmers and playful bears. They rarely say anything of much significance, but they sure are friendly. They spend all day talking to reporters and all evening talking on chat shows. DON’T LIKE Sexism: Why is it that when Romanian men walk into a crowded room, they shake all the hands of the other men, but avoid physical contact with the women? Men are judged on what they say, women on how they look – it’s pathetic. But this country need Feminism like it needs working traffic lights and free and fair elections. I have friends and family in the UK whom I have not spoken to for ten years over a small argument some drunken evening, the reason for which I cannot remember. DON’T LIKE Deadlines: Why can’t Romanians stick to deadlines? LIKE Ingenuity: Give a German a lighter, he will see a piece of plastic, a barrel, a flint and a small amount of petrol. The venture may be popular, admired and innovative, the only downside being – it probably won’t make money.

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