Requiredfieldvalidator not validating

I advise you to open a support ticket, because this will allow you to attach a project we can run and test.

Regards, Aneliya Petkova Telerik Hello Saqib, As far as I understand, you want to implement some custom validation of the Rad Combo Box.

You should be able to do that either on the front end or in the code behind. The moment any server side code(Which essentially updates a record) is added to the part of the page, the validator no longer works. Great, not only does my update validation page not work, but my registration page validation doesn't work neither.

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May be , for your ' Update Button" , there is a chance that you haven't set Validation Group properly.

use the same Validation Group Name , metioned in above code.

In this chapter, you learn how to validate form fields when a form is submitted to the web server.

Hello Saqib, We have tested different scenarios, but we were not able to reproduce the issue.

Based on the supplied information, it is hard to determine what is causing the issue you are experiencing.

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