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Julius Classicianus’ (1986)CBA for York Archaeology Trust 1986 25–28. Giving an Account of an Animal Resembling a Whelp Voided per Anum, by a Male Greyhound, and of a Roman Altar Found There, etc.’ (1978)London 1978 41–48. Carlisle Public Library has most of the original diaries, and transcripts of the remainder which remain in private hands. Annales Lincolnienses Segetus, Thomas Anvers Musée Plantin-Moretus MS. Contribution à l'étude de l'ophtalmologie antique et islamique. Ein Beitrag zur zur antiken und islamischen Augenheilkunde.’ Haec Romanorum monumenta, a Roberto Cotton Baronetto in Angliae partibus boreis undique conquisita, et in villam suam de Cunnington in agro Huntingdoniensi comportata, tandem anno 1750 in Collegium S. ‘Some excavations on the line of the Antonine Wall, 1985–93’ 2, 27-37. 1985 ‘Les aiguilles à cataracte de Montbellet (Saône-et-Loire). With notes on the animal and other remains found’ Price, J. 1883 ‘Notice of the Gold Ornaments found at Lower Largo, and of the Silver Ornaments, &c., found at Norrie's Law, near Largo, recently presented to the Museum by Robert Dundas, Esq., of Arniston’ Anderson, J. 1900b ‘Account of the Excavation of the Roman Station of Camelon, near Falkirk, undertaken by the Society in 1900:- (III) Notice of the Pottery, Bronze, and Other Ojects Found at Camelon’ Bailey, J. discovered in and near the Roman fort at Maryport, and preserved at Netherhall’ (Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society Research Series, ) .

1898 ‘On some buildings of the Romano-British period discovered at Clanville, near Andover, and on a deposit of pewter vessels of the same period found at Appleshaw, Hants’ , 736-826. 1855 ‘Chester-le-Street: On the Evidences of its Occupation by the Romans; with an Account of the Discoveries made, and an attempt to determiune the Site and Roman Name of the Station’ 1st Ser.

‘Account of a brief Roman inscription lately discovered at Kemsey near Worcester’ Anonymous Germanus.

Newc., Roman altars and inscribed and sculptured stones in the collection of the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne, 1838 (containing rubbings numbered by the 1839 Catalogue).

iii, in 2 parts, Berlin, 1873-1902 (pars I, Inscriptiones Aegypti et Asiae. Inscriptionum Illyrici partes I-V (1873), II, Inscriptionum Illyrici partes VI.

Harleian 473 , printed in Richardson, Reprints, miscell.

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