Quickie hookups

That means you can coordinate a quickie when you’re both free and then be completely on your way without the stress having to do all the extra lovey-dovey, relationship stuff. Because you can pick and choose whomever you’d like to sleep with (maintaining that you make sure they’re cool with just a hookup), you are fully in charge of your own sex life!Now, when you’re in a monogamous relationship you obviously have autonomy to choose when to have sex, but there’s a certain power having the world, and all the available in it, at your horny fingertips.Your sexual health is yours to be responsible for if you’re falling into bed with people you may not know fully (but are like... Because you’re going downtown with a person who doesn’t know all your favorite -ahem- moves, you may not feel fully satisfied after a hookup.

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It’s almost an entirely sexual relationship, but that’s totally fine by you.Whether it’s a quickie after class or a phone conversation that basically goes, “You free? ” “Yeah,” it’s fun, convenient and downright primal. or game on, depending on how you want to look at it.There’s not really much to your relationship other than that, and you’re both entirely aware of and okay with that. You probably don’t talk to this person at all during the day.But you know this hook-up buddy has a good body and is good at using it, so the late-night calls and texts are welcomed and expected.You just head out from wherever you are and get your groove on, because what is college without the occasional drunken booty call? The Potential Boyfriend Hook-up This isn’t just any hook-up.

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