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It feels like what I think Paul was talking about—a greeting by a family member.A deep love and affirmation that says “you belong.” I think that there’s a loss in defining all kisses as sensual. Second, I Timothy 5:2 says that guys are supposed to treat us like sisters, with absolute purity.A relationship that Durano says started with two kinds of "cake" (wink wink), you can take a peek into their life via our Q&A; below, and find about everything from their meet-cute story to their celebratory Valentine's Day plans to how they balance the on-set/at-home dynamic. So tell me a little bit about how you guys first met. It was the cutest [thing] he could have done that day. Christian Owen: Our wedding was very small in Marin California. Is it weird to watch your husband get it on with another guy?After that we were on Twitter saying that the chocolate cake wasn't his favorite that day, because I was on set and brought my own "cakes". Then we went out for dinner and things got serious after that. JD: I think we realized a few weeks later when I was back in San Francisco, and what should have been just a weekend trip was extended do a two week stay. We plan on having a larger ceremony in the future with our family and friends and hopefully it will be on a beach. Or know that he spends all day watching other guys? JD: We've worked on many projects together and we work just fine, I think.Pure Attraction scored several other top Christian radio hits.

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Now, don’t think for a second that I don’t think there are limits to kissing. Do you think our culture has a chance of getting back the sweet kiss that the Apostle Paul wrote about?

It was more than devastating when she didn’t live up to the standard and ended up giving away much more than a kiss to a guy who was only a friend. I think, for her, the decision to save her first kiss was a legalistic choice in an effort to conform to those around her rather than a specific personal calling prompted by time in communion with God. If your choice to save your first kiss is primarily to conform to people around you, please your parents, or fit in with your homeschool group…it is an empty decision that leaves you open to powerful temptations that may leave you giving up more than just a kiss.

There are two reasons why I think a cart blanche decision to save your kiss until marriage isn’t wise.

Christian to mainstream crossovers were rare in 1991.

But when the first single from Pure Attraction, Everything Changes♫, became a smash hit on pop radio, Kathy was suddenly all over television and radio.

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