Process of carbon dating

If projects are identified based on their low costs, they're more likely to be of a lower quality.

A 2016 report from Öko-Institut, a European nonprofit group that studies environmental issues, found that 85% of the carbon offset projects it examined were not actually providing additional reductions in emissions.

During the Middle Ages the monastic orders preserved brewing as a craft.

Hops were in use in Germany in the 11th century, and in the 15th century they were introduced into Britain from Holland.

In Europe the properties of the water used for brewing, the types of malt, the brewing practices, and the yeast strains have contributed to traditional distinctions between beers. Made from a mixture of malt extracts, porter was a strong, dark-coloured, highly hopped beer consumed by the market porters in London.

Brewers in Burton upon Trent, using the famous hard waters of that region and pale malts roasted in coke-fired kilns, created pale Pale ale is less strong, less bitter, paler in colour, and clearer than porter.

Better control over the process, with the use of the thermometer and saccharometer, was developed in Britain and transferred to the Continent, where the development of ice-making and refrigeration equipment in the late 19th century enabled lager beers to be brewed in summer.

According to Barbara Haya, a research fellow at the California Institute for Energy and Environment, stricter standards are needed to evaluate the quality of projects than are currently being used.In 1420 beer was made in Germany by a fermentation process, so called because the yeast tended to sink to the bottom of the brewing vessel; before that, the type of yeast used tended to rise to the top of the fermenting product and was allowed to overflow or was manually skimmed.Brewing was a winter occupation, and ice was used to keep beer cool during the summer months.Zimmer said that Lyft and 3Degrees are making sure they select meaningful, high-impact projects that need their backing in order to cut emissions. Beer, alcoholic beverage produced by extracting raw materials with water, boiling (usually with hops), and fermenting.

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