Post op ts dating usa

The alternative, trying to swipe right while stealth, could lead to something far more dangerous, like harassment or violence.Tinder is well aware of the problem and—as of this writing—has yet to take action toward trans inclusion.

I also had a profile up on and — Yeah, try a tranny, that’s a thing.Year one is over, and I’m ready to get out there and take my new self for a spin. I’d been relatively celibate for a while, my last few years posing as a gay man stunted by the knowledge that whatever sex appeal I could generate was really just false advertising.When I started my transition I became suddenly aware of the new sexual economy afforded to me: The world is full of hot straight guys who want to get fucked by chicks with dicks.It was a radical orgasm, but it was an even more radical latte. I was surprised to see that there was a whole new matrix for listing one’s sexual and gender identities.On my profile I’m currently listed as a straight, queer, sapiosexual, women and transwoman.

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