Ozone ste foy wine dating

Wooden wine barrels are also damaged by harsh chemicals.Winemakers take special care to choose high quality wooden barrels to age wine within, this wood can be damaged or altered to the point it no longer serves the original purpose.In food processing it is important to provide pathogen free food products.Keeping food products pathogen free and reducing the potential for cross-contamination of potentially deadly pathogens is very crucial, and that is why surface sanitation is so important.These layers of microbes can continue to grow, and become more resistant to sanitizers over time making sanitation more difficult if proper sanitation is not achieved on a regular basis.

Many processing plants already use ozone-in-water, or aqueous ozone for antimicrobial intervention steps directly on the surface of food products.Ozone can be dissolved into water just as chlorine and other chemicals can be.In many plants ozone injection systems that provided aqueous ozone may already be in place for use on food products for anti-microbial intervention.One of the major concerns for cross-contamination on food processing equipment is bio-film buildup.Bio-films are layers of microorganisms bonded tightly to a surface.

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