Nude dating moments

And maybe get sunburnt in all manner of awkward places.

Yes, watching people dating naked on TV does make for hugely entertaining TV, but for us romantics, one wonders whether nudding up for a date is the best way to find love?

Clothes are a great way to hide things we want to conceal about our bodies: perhaps then, trying to hide things from your partner isn’t the best possible way to go into a new relationship. What’s more revealing of your inner self: a t-shirt featuring a political slogan that you’ve decided to wear with pride even though you know people will stare at you, or the dimples on your arse?

We choose our clothes to reflect who we think we are, even if that person is “a person who doesn’t care about clothes”, and that self-image is an important part of who we are.

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Of course, Twitter noticed and went to town on the primetime, erm, cock-up.

Dating show Adam Looking For Eve is based on the idea that our naked self is our truest self.

But is running around naked really the best way to get to know a potential partner’s deepest feelings?

Their final showdown in a Toorak restaurant is one of the most heated spats we've seen, with Gina calling Andrea "a f---ing moron" while storming out.

Fans mostly sided with Gina, who'll be back for season two in 2015, after Andrea pulled out." data-reactid="46"/This prize catch boasted gleefully about bedding 100 women in four months, using his dog Titto to pick up chicks and trying his hand as a gigolo for extra cash.

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