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WASHINGTON — An unexpected meeting of the minds between President Trump and Democratic leaders on Thursday made real a possible deal in Congress to pair enhanced border security with legislation to protect young, undocumented immigrants brought to the country as children. Trump hosted Senator Chuck Schumer and Representative Nancy Pelosi for dinner at the White House, the president said he could support legislation to protect the young immigrants known as “Dreamers” from deportation if it were accompanied by a “massive” border security upgrade. Trump said such a package did not need to have funding for a border wall.It was the second time this month that a tentative agreement announced by Democrats left Republican leaders in Congress scrambling to adjust a legislative agenda that appears increasingly set by the party out of power in the House, the Senate and the White House.“We’re working on a plan for DACA,” Mr.S., the green light is on and eventually you are going to get to stay permanently,’” he said.

Stephen King has apologized for a 'thoughtless' tweet in which he called Wednesday'a deadly train crash 'karma' for the Republican Congressmen on board.'In '99 Steven King was hit by a van while walking along a road. It should be pointed out, too, that those Republican politicians, who can be heartless when they vote, immediately got out to help,' he said.On Thursday, the National Transportation Safety Board held a briefing about the crash, and revealed that the train was traveling 61 mph when the engineer applied the brakes in a failed attempt to avoid the truck crossing the tracks.On Thursday morning, the president telephoned Republican leaders to relay news of the dinner discussions; Republicans were left on the defensive, and seemingly flummoxed.Senator Mitch Mc Connell of Kentucky, the majority leader, issued a curt statement saying he and his colleagues “look forward to receiving the Trump administration’s legislative proposal,” while Mr.

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