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More adverts similar to the small ads in the local paper popped up along with ads for more reputable services. In the comfort of your own home one of our girls will massage, rub and smooth your aches and pains away leaving you in a state of pure bliss. She asked several questions about my state of health and what I wanted from the massage then asked how soon would I like her to turn up. There’s nothing better than standing under a jet of hot water, feeling it covering every inch of my body.We specialise in techniques that will sure to please. I always get a little turned on in the shower, it must be the hot water and I could feel my cock starting to swell.I think by this point I was dribbling into the pillow.The music changed tempo a little and Amy asked if I would turn over so she could work on my front.Taking a handful of shower gel I cupped my balls in my hand and slowly and deliberately worked the gel over myself. It seemed to go from near flaccid to solidly erect in seconds.‘Someone’s horny’ I thought as I slipped my hand slowly up and down the shaft. I leapt out of the shower, grabbed my gown and raced downstairs whilst wrapping it around my wet body. Before me stood a beautiful brunette with a slightly bemused look on her pretty face. ’ I asked hoping it wasn’t someone trying to get me to sign up for something I didn’t want. ‘Looks like I caught you out, sorry I was a lot closer than I thought when you called, hope you don’t mind me coming a little early.’ ‘Come on in, early is good, I was just finishing off in a hot shower’ I replied.Not really getting what she was hinting at I nevertheless handed over the cash.Amy then asked if she could use the bathroom and said if I would like to lie face down on the bed ready for her.

‘urm’ was about as far as I got before she pulled the towel to one side.I am convinced my cock jumped all by itself at being exposed.I had my eyes firmly shut but I like to think there was a wry smile on Amy’s face as she worked her magic on my thighs.‘I hope you don’t mind but I prefer if you were naked’ she gently spoke.‘It makes it easier to massage your glutes’ ‘Oh sure’ I replied and slid my boxers off leaving myself naked on the bed.

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