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Last year she was able to go to Disneyland in Florida with her two-year-old son Kai, had a hen party and then became a bride so that her mum could see her in a wedding dress.She also had a dinner date with Hollywood star Tom Hardy.The show shared its official on-air launch party with MTV Canada as a channel on April 18, 2006, with live performances by Kanye West and Sam Roberts. Starting in mid-May 2006, the show started using two hosts for each MTV Live episode, with Daryn Jones acting as the primary host with alternating co-hosts Jessi Cruickshank, Nicole Holness, Dan Levy, and Aliya-Jasmine Sovani.The remaining MTV hosts continued to appear in short segments during MTV Live and in between other MTV programming in segments known as "Quick Chats".After beginning as a show that featured performances, interviews, stories on musicians, and focused on music, the show has become dedicated to focusing on its hosts, with little musical content.

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The band was supposed to play three songs, but were stopped midway through the second song as MTV was not aware of the destruction the band had planned and were concerned about the safety of the band, audience, and crew.On August 18, 2008, noticeable changes occurred with MTV Live.The previously hour-long program was now split into two separate half-hour programs.Lisa said: “I was suspended for breaching the terms and conditions of not sending so many tweets at one time.“I felt a bit angry and upset, because I think that if they saw what I was sending then they would have realised that it was for Kayleigh.“I was disheartened and had to wait 24 hours to be able to start all over again, which I think was a bit harsh.It’s not as if I was stalking anyone.“I’ve sent tweets to people such as Sharon Osbourne, Nicole Scherzinger and the cast of The Only Way is Essex.“We’ve had responses and support from people like Elliott Wright from Towie, Kerry Katona and Wayne Lineker, also from Towie [brother of footballer Gary].“We don’t want money from them, we’re just hoping for support so we can fulfil Kayleigh’s wishes.”She aims to support Kayleigh, who has drawn up a bucket list of experiences she’d like to have.

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