Myths about dating violence

He would belittle my physical characteristics and remind me of my shortcomings and faults.I often went along with whatever my husband wanted to do just to avoid a fight and to avoid being left alone.(, Federal Bureau of Investigation, 1991.)If a person is really being abused, it’s easy to just leave.It was extremely complicated and difficult for me to leave my abuser, and there were several factors that delayed and hindered my decision to get away from him.We were prosperous, had a beautiful home, drove nice cars, and I enjoyed the status of being the perfect middle-class family.

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We hear this a lot from concerned parents: “If something was going on, they would tell me.” At loveisrespect, we’re either still in high school or not that far removed from it so we feel confident in saying that sometimes the subject of dating is just too awkward to broach with parents. Abusive partners find different ways to hurt their partner: forcing sex, withholding money, calling them names, obsessively texting, stalking, etc. Abusive relationships can make you feel worthless, stress you out beyond belief, and make you feel like you have nowhere to turn.And even after I left the marriage, I was stalked and almost killed by him.This type of psychological abuse is often ignored by the victims of domestic violence.Another reason why I stayed was for the sake of the children.I didn’t want my children to be psychologically damaged coming from a broken home.

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