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During the tournament Yamcha, who has also decided to enter to test his strength, becomes the champion briefly before Bora steps in to face him.

After Master Roshi distracts Yamcha, Bora is able to land a hit on him to knock him out of bounds to become Champion himself.

They decide to take it to Mifan to use it to demand that Mifan's soldiers be forced to leave the Sacred Land of Korin.

Bora is tricked into entering the tournament (the winner of the tournament will be granted one wish by Chiaotzu).

Lieutenant Blue announces that Ran Ran is being held in Master Shen's room but he is killed by General Tao for such an accusation.

In their homeland Bora and Upa have located the final Dragon Ball and hide it from the Soldiers destroying their land in their attempt to find it.

Tao then uses his Dodon Ray to blast Goku flying all the way into Korin Tower and thinks he died in the attack, however the Dragon Ball in his shirt protected him.

Goku then meets Korin who tells him that he lost because he lost his cool and that he must remain calm if he wants to win.

While on the fast track to Goku and over the slies of Penguin Village, Arale Norimaki see's down and grounds him by throwing a large boulder at him.

’s serial film presentation helps set it apart from other cooperative shooters, as well as Rebellion’s other work.

You can get a taste of that in the gameplay video above, which was captured at E3 2017 on a PC.

It was also likely to have been released on home video in the early 90s.

It was not widely noticed and went under the radar.

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