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If it works out, great — but if it doesn’t, well, there’s a good chance the friendship won’t survive unscathed.

I learned this lesson the hard way when I started dating a friend in high school.

There was a time when you were into them, but they were with someone.

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At that point, though, you just need to start dating. If you've ended serious relationships because you refused to give up your best friend in any capacity, that says a lot. They always know how to cheer you up when you're down. Tom was my generic male date, an all-hours phone call, an open-armed place to crash when my off-campus housing was too far to walk in the brutal Midwestern wind. , I thought, even though all of Tom and my mutual friends thought otherwise. Tom, now my best friend, was there to pick me back up. "You guys are weird." I’d laugh, shrug it off, and reassure everyone that it was chill because I fell hard for a boy who didn't love me back late in my first year at college. If you're looking for a major, giant, neon flashing sign that you belong together, this is as good as any. You've had relationships that didn't last because of how close you and your best friend are.

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