Mvpdating com

Other resources it will be backed by include new users (to be attracted according to expansion plan) and side investors.We plan to attract up to 20M active users in 4 years.The founders aim to employ cutting-edge technologies for intelligent dating with your soulmate or at least with the person with the similar interests.What we are talking about are artificial intelligence and big data processing.At some point, regardless the funds raised and allocated, it will be over.

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It features reliable growth mechanics based on global expansion strategy to enter new markets and increase the audience.

This mechanics reduces the number of tokens in circulation and results in token market price rise. The more popular our service is, the higher the demand for tokens from the growing audience.

The lack of Operation Cash Flow is the key problem for 95% of projects.

That is AI to complete all dirty job for the users: analyze users preferences, contact history etc, and provide a pool of the best matching partners for serious relationship rather than silly chatting.

Blockchain is used to create a trustful environment and to solve user identification and verification problems.

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