Muffle system logging error updating see ipkg log

This doesn’t completely fix web OS’s issues, but it does end the consistent lag.If you want to take it a step further and completely eliminate logging, you’ll have to put the Touch Pad into developer mode and sideload some homebrew software.But before all that, you have a slow tablet that needs a speed boost. Below is one really simple way to speed up your Touch Pad, and two more techniques that require more steps, but shouldn’t be too difficult if you’re somewhat tech savvy. Check to make sure you’re up to date and proceed at your own risk.) This first tip came from a reader and inspired this entire article.

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But occasionally you may be asked to send an error log to help analyze a problem in Lync or Windows, in which case you may need to know how to change the settings and collect error information, as described in this article.

Maybe you just rushed out to buy a 0 or 0 HP Touch Pad, or maybe you’ve had one for months.

No matter the reason, you now own a tablet that has a lot of great qualities. Web OS, HP’s mobile operating system, runs quite slow on the Touch Pad and we’re fairly certain its one of the major reasons why it wasn’t selling, which prompted HP to cancel the tablet and hold a firesale to rid itself of excess inventory (most places report it as sold out).

Unfortunately, the Touch Pad’s logging the problem.

Instructions for disabling it entirely are in the next section, but it’s extremely easy to set logging to minimum. Steps to set logging to minimal: You’ll begin to notice a difference immediately.

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