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This guide is to help you play this game with your friends using Hamachi on virtual network.So let’s get things started: Note: This method is for version 1.113 which is the latest currently. How to Play Mount & Blade Warband Online, Offline LAN, Hamachi Step 1| Download & Install Download and install the game, it is recommended that you install the game in the drive where your operating system is installed.Now open “rgl_config.txt” and change the “use_secure_connection = 1” to “use_secure_connection = 0”. Step 4| Port Forwarding Make sure that your UDP 7240 port is forward if you are behind a router.Step 5| Play it on Hamachi Host needs to download the dedicated server from their official site.The overall game places an emphasis on being installed on a equine (because the player) and providing orders to a person's war band within the area, for example telling archers to carry a situation or infantry to make use of blunt weapons.Yea you heard it right, another role playing game in the Medieval Ages.This time its more realistic as no magic or fantasies are found in the game.In this sequel you will play a role of adventurer on a fictional land named Calradia.

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• Join the server displayed in the list and by now you should be able to enter the game by now.

It is the publisher of the Mount&Blade series of games.

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My fine fellow RPG.netters, you are my last hope against the madness that is Steam, my last stop before I completely lose my sanity.

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