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In his videos, Mike would share his knowledge on fitness, spirituality, and entrepreneurship. However I like to progress with bodybuilding styled rep ranges which expands cells translating to larger muscles.Alongside featuring other fitness gurus and stars like CT Fletcher, Dana Linn Bailey, and Kai Greene. After which I activate that inner athlete to do any type of crazy burn out or drop set which translate to badassery.” For functionality and endurance, Mike does things like heavy tire flips, sparring, fight training, running in nature, etc. Or don’t.” As a former boxer, Mike’s goal in fitness is to stay strong, durable, and functional over a long period of time.While Mike often mixes his workouts up, he keeps some things the same.Growing up, Mike became involved in working out from an early age, thanks to his father. Mike’s interest in boxing grew bigger and bigger as he came into his teens – to the point that he became a professional boxer, winning the National Golden Gloves award on two occasions. “I feel squats are the foundation for any athlete, in any sport.As Mike got into his late 20s, he gradually transitioned to fitness and power-bodybuilding; becoming a WBFF Pro, later, starting his fitness video channel. I like to incorporate powerlifting principles in progressing to a max effort for a neural response which translates to strength.He became popular through his You Tube channel, where people learn how to strengthen mind, body, and spirit through hard work and discipline. So he had to maintain discipline since his childhood. In his childhood Mike obeyed his father and did some works like chopping wood in the forests, sprinting in sand and hiking.Now let’s take a close look at Mike Rashid’s net worth in 2018. He grew up with his family along with his brothers. He has been addicted to steroids since his young age.

This way, he gets all of his daily calories in one meal, which consists of a lot of healthy fats and plant-based protein.“Since I’ve started practicing mindfulness my life has been different. This not only helps Mike with his endurance and flexibility, but it also serves him as cardio; being good for fat loss and cardiovascular health. Mike says, it can be difficult to maintain both strength and endurance at the same time.He also meditates often, believing that mindfulness is the key to lowering stress.Linking this to fitness and bodybuilding, Mike mentioned less stress means less cortisol, a hormone which can be catabolic.

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