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Kathryn Adam’s 1982 disappearance leaves loved ones in limbo 05/01/2018 Could the Golden State Killer Be Linked to Ocean Beach’s Unsolved Double Murder from 1964?

Pioneering cop’s recent death revives probe of daughter’s unsolved killing in ’87 Missing Marguerite: Alabaster widow gone since 1989 4-year-old still waiting for his missing mom to open Christmas presents Ruth Wilson, the schoolgirl who caught a cab to oblivion Elizabethton students working to solve 30-year-old murders Moore County family still waits for closure in case of missing daughter Conspiracy or serial killer?

Everybody here loved her.” Unnamed coworker of Pamela Harrison, , July 3rd, 1981 At 4 pm that evening a fellow Pepsi employee drove Andy to the Holiday Inn to retrieve the couple’s vehicle as was his routine, but the Camaro wasn’t in the parking lot.

A quick check with her coworkers revealed Pam had never arrived at the hotel; Andy, stranded, helped his coworker with some deliveries for a few hours in exchange for a ride back to Surgoinsville.

He subsequently arrived home at approximately 8pm where he discovered Pam’s keys, purse and the family car—everything in its proper place except Pam herself.

That evening Harry and Janie Rimer—a salt-of-the-earth couple who lived across from the Harrison cabin on Longs Bend Road—heard Andy walking in the area calling for his wife.

She then returned home for a few hours before her scheduled shift at the Kingsport Holiday Inn; that afternoon Pam, known as a conscientious employee, failed to report to work.

When the Harrisons failed to report to work for the next two days the couple’s coworkers became anxious.

Cruel Police still have no leads, no suspects a full decade after brutal murder of Ann Fox Smith Inside One Man’s Serial-Killer Unification Theory Family still searching for answers 25 years after disappearance GONE COLD | 18 years later: Who killed Elaine Nix? 04/24/2018 No clues to escapee’s morbid fate Missing in Michigan: Paige Renkoski’s case still baffles investigators nearly 30 years later Investigators probe possible link between severed heads found in Houston and Louisiana Former GFPD detective stars in six-part serial killer series Relatives continue to seek justice in murder of Central Falls girl The PI Who Solved the Murder of Her SMU College Roommate 18 years later, finally answers: an arrest in the Lauria Bible-Ashley Freeman case The couple, raised in the middleclass suburbs of Philadelphia, spotted their dream home while sightseeing in the Blue Ridge Mountains—a six-room log cabin on eighty acres of woodland in the rustic town of Surgoinsville, Tennessee.

It would be, they later told their loved ones, the perfect place to raise a family.

Two theories offered on unsolved 1974 murder of teens 04/30/2018 Strange phone calls add to 38-year mystery of missing sister Appalachian Unsolved: Who killed the Doo-wop DJ?

40 years later, questions linger in Larimer County’s notorious Mata murders Sunday march marks a decade since Marilyn Bergeron’s disappearance Detectives are determined to bring 15-year-old Mary Darlene Howard’s killer to justice Police still searching for answers 35 years after the disappearance of Melody Ann Jones, murder of her husband 04/29/2018 DCI continues its cold case investigation into the murders of two unidentified women slain by the same suspect Owen Sound property excavated in Lisa Maas search Podpast: Inside the Mata murders, part 1 and 2 In 1947, a Month After the Black Dahlia, the “Lipstick Murder” Shocked L. A cold case revisited: the 1988 slaying of Aleta Browne Mad Dog: A serial killer haunts Evansville, Henderson County GONE COLD | Charlie 4: Cold but not forgotten 04/28/2018 Keddie murders revisited: Following the clues A mother’s final wish is to see justice in her daughter’s 30-year-old murder case Cerilla Doyle & April Andrews: Solving Two Cold Cases Meet the Californian Serial Killers Who Haven’t Been Caught…Yet Parsons woman still searching for answers on mom missing 19 years Tulsa woman murdered while trying to sell her wedding dress in 36-year-old cold case Heeringa family holding hope 5 years after disappearance 04/27/2018 30 years later, Southern New England ‘Highway Killings’ remain unsolved Lost Colony murder unsolved after 50 years CA arrest gives renewed hope in solving Hawaii’s decades-old cold cases Podcast Bringing Attention to Knox County Cold Case Where is Ali?

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