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English is an official language of Malta (alongside Maltese), and is widely spoken.You can expect to find all government forms and documents in English, as well as all road signs, restaurant menus, and other crucial bits of information.

There are many international companies in Malta – mostly in the fields of finance and i Gaming – creating a fair number of specialist jobs that usually pay much better than most local companies.Whilst there’s an abundance of restaurants on the island, the really good ones know their value and charge accordingly.Prices are still nowhere near those of Lonon, Paris, or any other major European city, though.UPDATE (15/02/17): Over the last 12 or so months, the apartment rental industry in Malta has exploded, and several people are reporting prices higher than ever before.There’s talks in the government about potentially regulating the industry, but until something is done (and it might be a while), be prepared to negotiate hard! Unless you’re on the “foreigner rate” (see our recent article about this for more), you can expect your monthly water and electricity bill to not exceed €50 per person, even if you run air conditioning.

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