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The Paradox relies on studying the Maelstrom, and using it against itself, mainly using ranged attacks.

Their specialties include Space Marauder, Sorcerer, and Shinobi.

In addition to the storyline missions, there were side missions and bonus activities such as survival and foot races.

Players with memberships saw this as the first zone to see tamable pets in.

The two properties where you can build your creations in Avant Gardens are Block Yard and Avant Grove.

Nimbus Station acted as the Hub for members and was the third world players will visit. After the seventh mission, you must select one of the 4 factions (The Assembly, the Sentinels, the Venture League or Paradox.) Here you could enter yourself in a race against other minifigures in the Vertigo Loop racetrack.

The player, aboard the ship, escapes to Avant Gardens with the aid of Sky Lane.

Gnarled Forest was a pirate infested forest-styled zone in which players could experience the shift from beginning features to regular features.

After creating your minifigure, you came to the Venture Explorer.

It acted as a tutorial for any newcomers, teaching the basics of running, jumping, and smashing.

From there, the player could travel to other worlds like Forbidden Valley or Gnarled Forest.

The game consisted of four factions, only one of which a player could join.

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