Lotus notes calendar entry not updating dating game contestant murderer

The parent note is identified by its Appt UNID item (which is its note universal ID), and the child note is identified by the same Appt UNID as the parent and the original Repeat Instance Dates.

The Appt UNID and Repeat Instance Dates items form a key pair of values that uniquely identify a particular repeat instance.

The best advice, and really the only advice, that I can give you is to study the Lotus Script code in the mail template, and see exactly what it does when a user changes one entry in a repeating appointment.

Let's explore the basics of accessing the Calendar and creating appointments.For example, if you set a repeating appointment to occur on Mondays for 20 weeks, there is no way to edit this entry and change the repeat to 25 weeks. Click the Repeat action button and set the repeating rule to weekly for a month (this is an example, it doesn't matter what the repeat rule is). NOTE: Repeating Meetings have different options available to the Chairperson, therefore Repeating Meetings are not affected by this issue.Using the same example, there is no method of changing the appointment to occur once a month versus once a week. Only Repeating Appointments, All Day Events, Reminders, and Anniversaries are affected.5 docs in series will be modified during one save() call) the instance document of a repeating meeting can be split into multiple documents if the chair reschedules some instances.Consider a repeating meeting that repeats once a week for five weeks.

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