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In reality you're talking to a criminal sitting in a cybercafé with a well-rehearsed script he's used many times before.

He's hunting through chat rooms, dating sites and social networking sites searching for victims, looking to cash in on romance.

The beautiful actress Lola Kirke is found having an adorable relationship behind the cameras with her boyfriend, Wyndham Boylan-Garnett.

Like everybody has a way of sharing out their love-life, Lola has her own.

Lola will send you regular messages that help you connect with the independent, badass woman you are.

She’ll also do quizzes with you that help identify your bad habits, and give you quick but powerful challenges to help change those habits. Finding love shouldn’t be hard work, but there are some simple things you can do to make sure the energy you’re exuding repels the bad guys and attracts the good guys.

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Well, this time Lola Kirke is the one going via such lovey-dovey things.

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Lola Kirke was born on September 27, 1990, in Westminster, England to her parents Lorraine and Simon Kirke.

her mother Lorraine is the owner of the vintage boutique in New York City that supplied some outfits for the television series Sex and the City (1998) whereas her father is the former drummer for the rock bands 'Bad Company' and 'Free.' She has two sisters including Domino Kirke and Jemima Kirke.

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