Laws regarding promptly updating medical records

(4) The secretary of state shall maintain the ability to provide copies of the pamphlet laws in accordance with section 149.43 of the Revised Code. (A) The secretary of state shall compile, publish, and distribute the session laws either annually or biennially in a paper or electronic format. The secretary of state shall retain a paper or electronic format of the session laws. All boards, commissions, agencies, institutions, and departments in the executive branch of state government shall submit to the auditor of state a copy of each formal internally or independently produced audit report, as well as any management study or report which recommends changes which would affect the auditing system. Any department, division, bureau, board, or commission of the state government issuing a report, pamphlet, document, or other publication intended for general public use and distribution, which publication is reproduced by duplicating processes such as mimeograph, multigraph, planograph, rotaprint, or multilith, or printed internally or through a contract awarded to any person, company, or the state printing division of the department of administrative services, shall cause to be delivered to the state library one hundred copies of the publication, subject to the provisions of section 125.42 of the Revised Code. All historical items and artifacts so conveyed shall remain the property of the hall of fame as part of its permanent collection. There is hereby created in the state treasury the Ohio history license plate contribution fund.The annual or biennial publication shall contain all enrolled acts and joint resolutions, a subject index, a table indicating Revised Code sections affected, and the secretary of state's certificate that the laws, as compiled and distributed, are true copies of the original enrolled acts or joint resolutions in the secretary of state's office. (e) The document division of the library of congress. (C) The session laws may be sold in a paper or electronic format to individuals or entities not specified in division (B) of this section. The state library board shall distribute the publications so received as follows:(A) Retain two copies in the state library; (B) Send two copies to the document division of the library of congress; (C) Send one copy to the Ohio history connection and to each public or college library in the state designated by the state library board to be a depository for state publications. The governing board shall advise the private, nonprofit organization concerning the operation and maintenance of the hall of fame. The fund shall consist of the contributions that are paid to the registrar of motor vehicles by applicants who choose to obtain "Ohio history" license plates pursuant to section 4503.95 of the Revised Code.(2) The secretary of state shall establish, by rule, a schedule for the distribution of pamphlet laws in an electronic format to county law libraries, county auditors, and the state library board. (F) The governing board may accept donations of historical items and artifacts for placement in the hall of fame and shall house those items and artifacts at the Ohio historical center in Columbus, Ohio, until a permanent hall of fame site is selected under section 149.305 of the Revised Code.(3) The secretary of state may compile one or more pamphlet laws in the same electronic distribution. After a permanent hall of fame site is selected, the governing board shall convey all donated items and artifacts to the private, nonprofit organization established under that section.The director may distribute the first edition of these maps, which has been published as a bulletin of the department of transportation, as follows: to each county commissioner, county auditor, and county engineer, one copy; to the director for distribution among those who gratuitously helped in preparing maps, one hundred fifty copies; for distribution among the several state departments, three hundred copies; to the state library, one hundred copies; to each newspaper correspondent of the general assembly, one copy; to the clerk of the senate and to the clerk and the chief administrative officer of the house of representatives, one copy each; to each sergeant at arms of the senate and of the house of representatives, one copy; the remaining copies to be equally divided among the members of the general assembly. The Ohio history connection , chartered by this state as a corporation not for profit to promote a knowledge of history and archaeology, especially of Ohio, and operated continuously in the public interest since 1885, may perform public functions as prescribed by law. Those public records shall be transferred by written agreement only, and only to public or quasi-public institutions, agencies, or corporations capable of meeting accepted archival standards for housing and use. "Qualified rehabilitation expenditures" does not include any of the following:(a) The cost of acquiring, expanding, or enlarging an historic building; (b) Expenditures attributable to work done to facilities related to the building, such as parking lots, sidewalks, and landscaping; (c) New building construction costs. (8) "Rehabilitation period" means one of the following:(a) If the rehabilitation initially was not planned to be completed in stages, a period chosen by the owner or qualified lessee not to exceed twenty-four months during which rehabilitation occurs; (b) If the rehabilitation initially was planned to be completed in stages, a period chosen by the owner or qualified lessee not to exceed sixty months during which rehabilitation occurs. Each application shall state the amount of qualified rehabilitation expenditures the applicant estimates will be paid or incurred.

(D) "Public official" includes all officers, employees, or duly authorized representatives or agents of a public office. The expenses of the governing board shall be paid out of the African-American hall of fame fund created under section 149.305 of the Revised Code.

If the general assembly appropriates money to the Ohio history connection for grants or subsidies to other entities for their site-related programs, the Ohio history connection, except for good cause, shall distribute the money within ninety days of accepting a grant or subsidy application for the money. (C) The director of development services shall review the applications with the assistance of the state historic preservation officer and determine whether all of the following criteria are met:(1) That the building that is the subject of the application is an historic building and the applicant is the owner or qualified lessee of the building; (2) That the rehabilitation will satisfy standards prescribed by the United States secretary of the interior under 16 U. The director shall also consider the potential economic impact and the regional distributive balance of the credits throughout the state.

The Ohio history connection shall perform the public function of sending notice by certified mail to the owner of any property at the time it is listed on the national register of historic places. The director may approve an application only after completion of the cost-benefit analysis.

The provisions of this section do not apply to any publication of the general assembly or to the publications described in sections 149.07, 149.08, 149.091, and 149.17 of the Revised Code, except that the secretary of state shall forward to the document division of the library of congress two copies of all journals, two copies of the session laws as provided for in section 149.091 of the Revised Code, and two copies of all appropriation laws in separate form. The state library board shall forward the daily house and senate journals once every week while the general assembly is in session and the legislative bulletin, each pamphlet law, and the summary of enactments as they are published. If no provision is made by law for the distribution of any report printed by the state, it may be distributed by the state library board in accordance with section 149.11 of the Revised Code, on the order of the officer making the report. Highway maps shall be published by the state and shall be officially designated as "Highway Maps of Ohio." The director of transportation may designate the improved roads by color, and revise such maps from time to time as the improvement of the roads may justify. The Ohio history connection shall establish and administer all aspects of the grant program, including eligibility requirements for receiving a grant under the program. Any person may contribute directly to the fund in addition to or independently of the income tax refund contribution system established in section 5747.113 of the Revised Code. It shall be the function of the state archives administration to preserve government archives, documents, and records of historical value that may come into its possession from public or private sources. 47, by an owner or qualified lessee of an historic building to rehabilitate the building. (B) The owner or qualified lessee of an historic building may apply to the director of development services for a rehabilitation tax credit certificate for qualified rehabilitation expenditures paid or incurred by such owner or qualified lessee after April 4, 2007, for rehabilitation of an historic building. 47, the qualified rehabilitation expenditures paid or incurred by the owner after April 4, 2007, may be attributed to the qualified lessee.

Each library receiving publications under this section or under section 149.09 of the Revised Code shall make these publications accessible to the public. The director shall secure a copyright of the maps from time to time when so published. Not later than the last business day of January of each year, the Ohio history connection shall prepare and submit to the general assembly a written report, detailing all aspects of the grant program during the immediately preceding calendar year. The Ohio history connection shall use money credited to the fund in furtherance of the public functions with which the Ohio history connection is charged under section 149.30 of the Revised Code. The archives administration shall evaluate, preserve, arrange, service repair, or make other disposition of, including transfer to public libraries, county historical societies, state universities, or other public or quasi-public institutions, agencies, or corporations, those public records of the state and its political subdivisions that may come into its possession under this section. (2) "Qualified rehabilitation expenditures" means expenditures paid or incurred during the rehabilitation period, and before and after that period as determined under 26 U. "Qualified rehabilitation expenditures" includes architectural or engineering fees paid or incurred in connection with the rehabilitation, and expenses incurred in the preparation of nomination forms for listing on the national register of historic places. (7) "Rehabilitation" means the process of repairing or altering an historic building or buildings, making possible an efficient use while preserving those portions and features of the building and its site and environment that are significant to its historic, architectural, and cultural values. (9) "State historic preservation officer" or "officer" means the state historic preservation officer appointed by the governor under 16 U. If the owner of an historic building enters a pass-through agreement with a qualified lessee for the purposes of the federal rehabilitation tax credit under 26 U. The form and manner of filing such applications shall be prescribed by rule of the director.

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