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Some advocate instituting a quota for the number of students that must be admitted from Boston's public middle schools.Declamation is the most time-honored of the school's traditions.Pupils in the 7th to 10th grade are required to give an oration, known as 'Declamation', in their English class three times during the year.There is also Public Declamation, where pupils from all grades, or classes, are welcomed to try out for the chance to declaim a memorized piece in front of an assembly.English was not the dominant language of the world at that time, and the ability to read and speak more than one language was considered important for those who would excel.

Since 1997, the percentage of under-represented minorities at Boston Latin has fallen from 35% to under 19% in 2005, despite efforts by Boston Latin, the Boston Public Schools, and the Boston Latin School Association to recruit more minority applicants and retain more minority students.

It was a change vociferously objected to by the school's headmaster, Wilfred L. It only happened due to the Massachusetts Legislature passed a bill forbidding sex discrimination in public education. (Black Leaders Aspiring for Change and Knowledge) using the hashtag "Black At BLS" on Twitter. Boston Latin's motto is Sumus Primi, Latin for we are first.

Under Teta, Boston Latin School removed all honor classes within its curriculum. The hashtag encouraged students of color to share their personal experiences of racism at the school. This is a double entendre, referring both to the school's date of founding and its academic stature.

Once a year, during National Foreign Language Week (usually the first week of March), students from grades 8 through 12 perform orations in languages other than English.

Most students choose to declaim in the modern language they are studying, though some choose Latin, Greek, or their native tongue.

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