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Zmievskaya negotiated a very profitable contract for her to tour the United States following the Olympics, an opportunity available only to professionals; in May 1994, at age 16, Baiul signed an agreement with the American talent agency William Morris Endeavor.Baiul said later that her drinking problems began during this tour, she said: "Except myself, nearly all the figure skaters on the bus were grown-ups, and it was full of alcohol.In 1994, Baiul won the silver medal at the European Championships in Copenhagen, again finishing second to Bonaly, at the 1994 Winter Olympics, she was second to Nancy Kerrigan after the short program of Ladies' singles.During a practice session before the long program, she collided with Germany's Tanja Szewczenko, sustaining a wrenched lower back and a small cut on her right shin, which required three stitches, she received two Olympic-approved pain-killing injections of anesthetics in her lower back and shoulder, which enabled her to compete in the free skate.In December 2006, Baiul skated at the Red Square ice rink in Moscow alongside champions from Russia, China, France, and other countries; in February 2007, she collaborated with Saule Rachmedova, a renowned ballet dancer, to bring together Ice Theatre of New York and couture fashion for the debut of fashion designer Levi Okunov's "Winter Collection." The following month, she appeared on MTV's Total Request Live.Baiul was promoting the new ice skating film Blades of Glory (2007), starring Will Ferrell.

I thought it was the norm, cause as a teenager you don't want to break away from the majority".

Baiul is the first and only skater representing Ukraine to win gold at the Winter Olympics, she is also the first Olympic champion of independent Ukraine in any sport.

After winning the gold medal, she decided to become a professional in 1994 in order to tour in the United States and have a career based on her skating, she followed one of her coaches to Connecticut.

The 280 character straw that broke the camel's back was what the Donald Trump-loving TV star said about Barack Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett — a woman with both African American and Iranian heritage: Joins The Club Of Infamous TV Shows Canceled In The Midst Of Scandal So what does Jarrett herself think of the tweet and subsequent controversy?

She's personally "fine" — but thinks "we have to turn it into a teaching moment" for the country — because she's worried about stopping the more dangerous "examples of racism that happen every single day." See her full remarks on MSNBC Tuesday (below): Grandma's home!!!!!!

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