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The Eiffel tower stood majestically behind us as another tourist took our pictures.

My wife Anu and I were on a vacation to Paris and we were thoroughly enjoying it.

From the other side of the river, the Eiffel tower looked awesome in the night., We took some more pictures, We bought tickets for another underground station called rue du Cherche-Midi. As the train reached our station, my heart started beating faster. It was a very fashionable French couple who overtook us and pressed the bell next to a small inconspicuous door ahead of us, which one could easily miss. She was holding onto me tightly as we walked upto a dark corner “Adi, I think we should go back”. We are inside the club, atleast let us see what happens here” I told her “Even if you don’t want us to get involved, let us atleast watch for sometime and then we can leave” I caressed her hands trying to put her at ease.

Out on the road, we started looking out for L’overside. In a few seconds the door was opened by muscular tough-looking usher, and the couple walked right in. Even I was in two minds, but my arousal got the better of me. We were dressed formally as required by the club rules. It was dark but we could make out there were lots of people inside by voices we could hear. But she just nudged her face against my shoulder and arm as we sat in the corner of a sofa. She is 35 years old, but was behaving like a scared baby.

Anu, who was already very nervous, urged me to call it off. And the first drink and the buffet dinner was on the house.

“Maybe it doesn’t exist, or we are in a wrong place. So, as we both were sitting nervously in the corner, I thought it was best to have something to eat , atleast to look a little busy.

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Everything about Bold360 is engineered to help you stop experimenting and start delivering results. I., knowledge management, and intuitive platform help drive you to insights that matter, faster.It’s a French ‘libertine” club, basically meaning a swingers club. On reaching the door, I could see the name “L’overside” written tinily next to the door. She asked me whether I was sure about this, and I answered in the affirmative as I pressed the bell. In the club, nothing much was happening, except that people were drinking and talking to each other.We went up and down the street mentioned in the address a few times, but were unable to find it. Finally we saw a gate to a private apartment which seemed to be the address. She followed After walking a few paces, we saw a staircase going down to the basement. Once in a while a guy would look at my wife or a woman would check me out from afar! I thought maybe this club is basically for the French, and not outsiders. There was a fees of 50 Euros, but which one had to pay only while leaving.Anu agreed, but her nervousness and uneasiness didn’t seem to decrease at all. The room also started getting cooler over time, as I guess they must have increased the cooling of the airconditioner. “ Cmon atleast take a couple of sips” I urged my wife, “it might make you feel a bit warmer” She still didn’t.I was through with my first drink and went for a second round. As we were talking we saw another 2-3 couples walk in , as also a few single guys.

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