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As locals put it, one has to either live as per the party diktats or leave the village.The social atrocity against the families has only aggravated in the last five years with a gradual increase in the votes for the BJP-RSS combine in Kerala.

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If anybody is found to be supporting or sympathising with the opposition parties, he is socially rejected.

This means no supply of milk, vegetable, fish or any other daily household needs,' he added.'The BJP leadership is indulging in doublespeak on the clashes between CPI(M) and BJP-RSS workers in Kerala.

'Kannur's party villages are a law unto themselves. It is the CPM leaders who decide who buys or sells properties or who gets to attend marriages and funerals and who marries whom,' said O Rajagopala, the lone BJP MLA in Kerala state Assembly.

A BJP leader in Kannur said CPM workers had killed an old woman for attending the funeral of Uthaman, who was murdered by the CPM men in 2002.

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