Kelis dating wale ogunleye

I am recntly in the business of doing shows and am in the process of putting a show together for sometime in May. Somebody tells me that Nicki Minaj has a twin sis in adult film. -illseed WHO: WHAT: Rumors WHERE: All Hip, My Illseed HOW: Send your rumors and ill pics to illseed at [email protected]

Mike Jones, is one of the two artist I will be asking to come back to perform again, but in a different location.

I am in the process of trying to book female rap/artist Trina as well.

I am not sure if anyone is trying to slander Mike in any way, but I would like the world to know that he is an excellent artist,a gentleman, and performed amazingly for his fans here in Mankato. Gwynder Cook SIGNS THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END Kids doing a SCARFACE Play?

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Ogunleye has since upgraded and is now dating Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child.

Still, any dude would be really dumb not to ask for a DNA test when a very huge amount of child support (especially from a rap-star standpoint) is involved.

On of the most feverish searches on the internet now is “Erykah Badu Uncut” or “Eyrkah Badu Nude.” Sadly, there is no such video in existence right now. The show with Mike Jones was a huge success, and he gave an excellent performance. At this point, I would really like to see the big homey move on. Like I said before you would not believe the rumors I get. They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!

Nas needs to make that move to even the score a bit. Just this past weekend, they were seen at the Winter Music Conference in Miami, also in Miami.

The duo were spotted as far back as Super Bowl weekend, when they were seen stepping out of a Miami movie theater together hand in hand.

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