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They shared their mutual respect and coordination towards each other as they didn’t want to be dragged into any controversial issues.Caption: Katy Tur with her boyfriend, Keith Olbermann(left) Their relationship became one of the significant advantages to Katy Tur in her career.Katy Tur and Olbermann started dating each other since June 2006, planning to extend their relationship lifelong as a husband-wife relationship someday.

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and still owes him up to million in unpaid compensation. In the suit, Keith lists the following gripes with the network: -- broadcasting ads containing Keith's image without his consent-- using guest hosts for "Countdown" without Keith's approval-- refusing to give Keith editorial control over special election coverage-- disclosing the confidential terms of his contract -- linking Keith's name and goodwill with corporate endorsements without his consent-- disparaging Keith publicly -- refusing Keith's request to stream segments from his show on his website-- refusing to invest resources in the show The lawsuit also contains a reference to an email from Current TV President David Bohrman, in which Bohrman admits "the 33rd street studio [where Keith's show was filmed] is never going to be a professional facility.Keeping all these professional stuff away from her personal life, Tur had a well-balanced life.Life is often cited as a bunch of various ups and downs.After leaving WCNB, Olbermann spent the next several years as a radio sportscaster in Los Angeles.In 1992 Olbermann was hired to co-host ESPN’s TV program Sports Center.

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