Keanu reeves dating 2016

John Wick 3 is filming right now, because there is still some good in the world.The movie is still adding to the cast, and yesterday they announced Halle Berry will be joining up as “Sofia”, a character we know nothing about except that she maybe isn’t a villain. I decided to write it though because I’m travelling today and have had to pre-write most of my articles to account for being in transit and she’s on standby for breaking news if I can’t get to it. Which, fair enough, because who wouldn’t want this assignment but also?

Reports from the Washington Daily News yesterday (May 29, 2018), suggest the actor best known for his roles in The Matrix, Speed or Point Break has secretly got hitched to his long-term relationship. (read more)Intimate Ceremony with Family and Friends There had already been speculation that the loved-up pair were set to announce their engagement but it sounds like they might have just jumped straight to wedded bliss!

After the second marriage of his mother, they began living in Canada and got Canadian citizenship.

Paul Aaron was one of his stepfathers and was associated with the industry. Because of this, the academics life Reeves was not good as he was dropped out school because of lack of interest in studies. Reeves entered into the industry when he was of 15 years.

His parents had an unpleasant relationship and they eventually broke up when he was just 3 years old.

He moved from one part of the world to other with his mother and had several stepfathers.

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