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Some of the filming was odd compared to season one. However, I still love Ha Wan Seung and Yoo Seol Ok because they were perfectly portrayed in the same way as before.

Clearly they were eliminated for helping or to take the blame for someone else? Why would the “smart” kid know all about how the older brother professor knew Chief kim yet not be able to get Chief kim himself? Why did the noona have so many surgeries to change. Kyung Mi joining the police force was a great idea to include her more in the series. The ending was rushed and I didn't like the odd direction they took with Inspector Woo's character whenever he was trying to solve something.

In season 1 she brought up a really unique but nice style, that only she can wear and still looks cute and adorable, in this season she uses just average clothes style, that everyone using every day (not so remarkable).

Maybe not as good as season 1, but still really really good. And all the letting people pass, what officer could do anything in the middle of the night to the crime scene? And they were even suspicious of finding things later on that clearly were not there. There's more reasons why I decided to skip-skip the 'funny' scenes. I watched this drama like:" pass...pass" in the end only 10 minutes or less are worth watching in every episode. A side dishes business makes a lot more money than police jobs so why did kyung-mi enlist in the police when she had no interest in it. how should I call it..people dying all over the place evidences concluded in seconds .what : Hi audience we are glad to announce to you there is going to be a 3rd season of this .thingy so stay tuned.., they should call it no longer "Queen of mystery" but "Queen of something else" because the show was supposed to be about the talent of normal woman at solving crime cases while pursuing the truth about her parent's murder.. is someone pulling the strings in KBS other than the director and writer ?

For me the flaw is there are too many situations going on, even in a single episode, and too many new "relevant" caracters, making the final product too fragmentary. One of the endless crazy things is that wherever YSO goes there happens a crime not the other way around mind you.. Another one when HWS goes to Kim chiljang HQ and a whole spying hardware and a team of hackers and it's ok a few days he was a realtor though... because I can't believe that the director who made "Good Manger" have made this thing of a show. I'm glad they choose Kim Minsang to play the genius forensic role.

And sometimes the forensic aspect is a little sloppy (look at the rapist/murder case, you can easily refut the new evidence even without the forensic team or exlude Go Shi Hwan as suspect just looking at his alibi at the time of her death). I must say how one hair could be found in a field of weeds two weeks after the crime seemed a bit off to me. Season 2 was not as great as Season 1, some episodes were strange, as if the editors rushed to finish their jobs. He was a perfect sociopath in "Tunnel" and he played this role flawlessly.

Anyway i'm here impatiently waiting for season 3... I don't understand why Miju and Sihwan must be the collateral damage of some pervert student (but I'm glad he's dead, that crazy bastard). The drama also had no comparison out there, and it makes me happy.

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