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The Simpson family was likely celebrating Tina's birthday over the holiday weekend. And we know Tina is certainly fond of both of her son-in-laws. ET caught up with Jessica earlier this month at the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund Awards Gala in New York City, where she dished on her successful diet and exercise plan."I think being a mom is enough of a diet," Simpson, a mother to her adorable kids, Maxwell Drew and Ace Knute, said.On Monday, she hilariously Instagrammed a pic of Eric, 36, doing a pose between her legs. "You have to run around chasing your kids, but I do eat a lot of their corn dogs, so I have to get on the treadmill a lot to watch my TV shows."Well, whatever it is she's doing, it's clearly working for her!"But it would definitely have to be a miracle."Simpson, who admitted that she makes no secret of the fact that she is "very attracted" to her handsome husband, also shared the couple's secret to keeping things "spicy" in their relationship: alone time."Today, we got to go on this trip without the kids, [and usually] we don't go places without the kids," she explained, adding that making the trip by themselves allows the pair to give each other "all of the attention."As for expanding her family, Simpson seems to be more open to the possibility than she was last May, where she got very candid during her appearance on "I'm not pregnant," the singer said, addressing speculation at the time that she might be expecting.I have two beautiful children and I'm not having a third."To be fair, Simpson's two kids provide more than enough cuteness for one family -- especially with her daughter's adorable fascination with becoming a runway model.A source close to the singer confirms that she's dating former NFL tight end Eric Johnson, telling the pair have been together for about a month and: "She is happy that she found a great guy.

She's never played in the NFL, but is on the receiving end of a Lohan meltdown every night.According to the mag, the 30-year-old singer-actress-mogul was reportedly seen sporting a “sizable ring” at Dilliard’s at Oak Park mall in Kansas City on Saturday.As previously reported on , Jessica has made no secret about her feelings towards her new man. Jessica also Tweeted a photo of the pair kissing in July, with the caption, “Romance 101..getting kissed by my Yalie…me not lookin’ so smart…:) but YUM!She then added that taking solo trips without the kids allows the couple to give each other "all of the attention." But, as a mother of two, the designer works hard to also split her attention between both kids."My daughter is about to turn 6, May 1st is her birthday, and my son is going to turn 5 on June 30th and it's just like, 'Wait, so this is no longer toddler, this is full-on kid,'" Simpson shared. My son at least wants to be a baby still." Though the possibility of the 37-year-old becoming a mother to a third child is still up in the air, her new chat about the subject appeared to be more hopeful than her May 2017 interview on "The Ellen Show." "I'm not pregnant," the singer clarified on the talk show last year.

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