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Not yet, but the city has partnered with the Boise Virtual Reality Project to document the homesite in its current state through an online tour. He didn’t use language in the traditional sense, but instead communicated with others and occupied himself through a prolific output of drawings, collages, small books and assemblages — including evocative folded paper figures of people.

The tour offers 360-degree views of several locations throughout the house and grounds. Adding to the poignancy of his work, he used salvaged materials, including packages, food containers, envelopes, string and other mailing materials to create his pieces.

They have already removed some drywall and ceiling panels in a back bedroom where the house’s previous owner found stashes of Castle’s artwork.

The Department of Arts and History is asking for an additional 5,0.it really is kind of great, the evidence of his time in the house,” said Reichert. The restoration team is still figuring out how to best restore and preserve the small wooden shed or outbuilding near the main house, said Folwell.Castle lived and worked in the tiny space that once held a bed, a desk and most likely a wood stove.Louis-Dreyfus (incidentally, the father of Julia Louis-Dreyfus of “Seinfeld” fame) owns the trailer and is donating it back to the city.The trailer will help complete the Castle homesite, said Terri Schorzman, director of Arts and History.

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