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Some aspects of the psyche are best left unexplored until one develops the tools and stamina necessary for the journey. After about twenty years, however, this fervor seemingly died down.It wasn't until the late 1600s and early 1700s that hints of Rosicrucianism began to reappear, and the Rosicrucian egregore seemed to find a home in Freemasonry.Traditions as seemingly different as Chaos Magic and Gardnerian Wicca have roots in the Golden Dawn, and it has been of profound influence in the lives of artists (e.g., the poet W. Yeats, the author Arthur Machen) and scholars (e.g., A. The Golden Dawn “system of magic” is a tool designed to educate the student of the esoteric in both practical matters of ritual and divination, and in abstract metaphysical ideas.The focus of the Golden Dawn material is primarily Western - i.e., Judeo-Christian, Greek, and Egyptian - but some Eastern ideas have crept in over the years.Now maintained and updated by Al Billings ([email protected]). Cranmer, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 Copyright Steven R.Cranmer & Albert Billings, 1999 The master version of this document is available at the Golden Dawn Library Project at There is considerable disagreement among Order sources as to whether living human beings can attain these final mystical grades (not unlike the Bodhisattvas of Buddhism, it seems).

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However, the concept of the hierarchy of grades has its definite merits. An insightful study of many of the pro's and con's was published by Donald Michael Kraig in an article called “So you want to join a Magical Order…” in (5) How is the Golden Dawn connected with the Rosicrucians? (Christian Rosenkreutz) is related, as well as the discovery of his wondrous tomb centuries later.

is an initiatory society devoted to spiritual, philosophical, and magical development.

The ideas studied by Golden Dawn initiates are a unique combination of Jewish Kabbalah, ancient Egyptian and Greek mysteries, several strands of Christianity, and many other Western esoteric traditions.

Some Golden Dawn groups, for example, are said to explicitly bar Thelemites (see Question 8) from membership in their Second Order.

If anyone can verify this position, or provide any other similar ones, I would like to know, and would make such implicit requirements known in Part IV, below.

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