Is a shaved head intimidating

Unlike most of the students he taught, Bambi didn't bother with make-up.And maybe that was why he chose her out of all the others. While the other girls leaned in to listen, following his every movement as he circled the class room like a natural-born predator, Bambi slouched in the very back against the wall, filing her nails. Harvelle could see where her thigh-high stockings led.It was the same reason she looked like a deer caught in the headlights when he called her name. "May I request your company and undivided attention for a few minutes of the school year? She slung her backpack over her shoulder and walked as gracefully as she could to his desk.The sound of her flats on the tiled Anatomy room seemed redundantly unnecessary as the rest of the girls filled out of the classroom with petty smirks and knowing giggles.He was the tallest on campus, at six foot four, with dirty blonde hair and eyes the color of the green's well-manicured grass.What Dean did not know, was the reason Bambi never showed up for class. Harvelle repeated, after the trill of the last bell sounded.It was dark inside, with a mold and mildew smell that usually accompanied older buildings in Barrow County.The door behind her slammed shut, earning a satisfactory flinch from the new arrival.

She looked like spring, with large brown eyes and natural blonde hair that fell to her waist.Dean Harvelle, four years her senior according to his Facebook---25----was a very intimidating man. " Bambi said, "I don't really know what this is about." "Miss Cortes, this is the first time in two weeks that you have deigned to attend my class.Bambi had always figured this was why she was so attracted to him. So we might start with that." "Well, I still have an one-hundred grade point average, so----" Bambi cut herself off when the frown appeared on Mr. With a tight-lipped grimace, he withdrew an old-fashioned grade book out of the bottom drawer of his desk and slammed it on top of the metal table top.From the other side of the room, Dean Harvelle hit the overhead light, revealing Bambi's fate to herself. " Bambi yelled, pulling at the confinements of her cage. " Dean didn't bother to reply, instead knocking three times on the door beside him.Two men, dressed in black sweaters tucked into black pants exited the door Dean Harvelle had knocked on.

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