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You may not know how to successfully resolve ongoing hurts/resentments; betrayal of trust; affairs; cheating or other infidelity-related issues; verbal abuse; anger; and/or distance/lack of closeness in your relationship. COUPLES THERAPY / MARRIAGE COUNSELING At The RELATIONSHIP INSTITUTE Couples Therapy is based on the model of a ‘Conscious Relationship’ – a stable, fulfilling and passionate relationship between committed partners Learn More PRE-MARITAL COUNSELINGFor premarital counseling, we offer traditional Couples Counseling, as well as a unique 5 session program called PREP.

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The worksheet lists types of techniques are effective in each category and includes a form to record the use of these techniques for 21 days (the time it takes to form a habit).

It gives specific instructions on helpful activities to maximize the benefits of this practice.Get what you need today, and be sure to check out divorce resources for teens, too.Increasing Positive Feelings — This worksheet is designed to evoke positive feelings and simultaneously demonstrate that you can “change the channel” on your emotions.Because of this, therapy or counseling is usually time-limited and ends when your relationship goals have been met.Of course there are some more complex situations which require a series of goals and resolutions that take place sequentially over time.

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