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I don't remember the title or the author, and I only really remember there being lots of breast expansion. Hey Cowboy, Could you please do me a huge favour and delete Black Rock City and The Lighthouse?I might put the Lighthouse up when it's finished in full but it would be great if you could get rid of Black Rock. 8971 Yeah I would like this too, the shapeshifter becomes her skin I believe.

"Welcome to Hawaii" is the second one, at least I think that was the title.....basically a sex tourism one, one guy and 3 or 4 girls.“Don’t fart, don’t fart,” Michael said finding his face smashed between his mother’s butt-cheeks. “Sorry, honey,” she said getting the suitcases turned on their sides and boxing them in the one seat next to the window.Michael held on to his mothers hips as her butt slid down his chest to his lap.Nancy tried again as the bus continued to bounce causing her to slid up and down on her son cock. “You’re making it worse.” “Michael, it’s inside of me,” she whispered back to him.“Maybe if you stop bouncing around, it will go down and slip out,” he whispered.

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