How long have ashanti and nelly been dating

But I respect a lot of the artists who’ve come along since I was out, especially Rihanna.

She’s smart and she’s worked the business instead of having the business work her.” Back in action now, Ashanti is even more driven, and not just with career.

Although the world knew they were a couple for years, they pair never admitted to it. You have a song called ‘Never Should Have’, I know everyone wants to know if that’s about Nelly? So the record was about when we were going through the bad times, but we were cool when I was recording it so it is weird you know.

So much so, Ashanti was even criticized for being with someone who wouldn’t claim her. Like you call him a f–king asshole, and I never want to speak to you again, get the f–k out of here you f–king punk? [laughs] No, I mean, like I said, you know, when people are around each other for a long time, you know, there are feelings, there are things there, and people get hurt. You know what’s weird, you know me and Nelly, you know, sometimes we were cool, sometimes they weren’t. You getting on my nerves right now…you go over there, I’m over here – It makes for the best sex by the way.

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It was tragic.” Watching artists like Fergie and Rihanna fill her void was hard: “I’d hear a song on the radio and wish mine was next.

With the 2005 indictment of the CEO of her record label, Ashanti’s career ground to a halt.

“That was the worst part—not having a say as to what’s happening in my own life,” she says.

Not physically, we don’t want to put that out…we’ve definitely scarred each other. But um, at that time, at that very moment when I was physically writing that record, I was in the studio in LA, and me and him were in this space of we were getting back together.

For years Ashanti and Nelly were viewed as one of hip-hop's hottest couples.

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