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A variety of psychosocial and demographic variables were examined in the current study.

We specifically focused on psychosocial variables related to stigma, discrimination, and social support.

Examples of items include “I lead a purposeful and meaningful life” (eudemonic component) and “I am optimistic about the future” (hedonic component).

Each item is rated using a 7-point scale ranging from strongly disagree to strongly agree.

Those who were most likely to be flourishing tended to have low or no internalized HIV-related stigma, were employed, received higher levels of practical support, had a sense of companionship with others, and felt supported by family.For example, there is now substantial evidence that supports Minority Stress Theory [].Identifying ways in which HIV-positive gay men may be supported to withstand or overcome the potential impact of stigma is therefore an important objective.Mental health outcomes among HIV-positive gay men are generally poorer than in the broader population.However, not all men in this population experience mental health problems.

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