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Multiple missions are presented in each episode, with the highlight of Running Man being race missions.

The format of the show has veered away from the "race mission others" to "one continuous race missions" The MCs and guests were locked in a landmark during closed hours and were required to leave before opening hours.

); Leeteuk replied she looks like BROWN SHEEP while Minho replied she reminds her of POODLE. Sunny messaged SNSD’s favorite unnie Kim Shinyoung and she replied that Sunny Bunny looks like a ROBBER CAT. ) and the folding screen replied that she reminds her of KANGAROO. Tiffany asked 2PM Junho and Taecyeon (WHAT TIME IS IT? ) and their reply was that she looks like PUPPY and HAMSTER, respectively. While Kim Shinyoung replied that she looks like PTERODACTYL lol.

Taeyeon texted MBLAQ GO (I have no idea they know each other!

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) is a South Korean variety show, forming part of SBS's Good Sunday lineup. Running Man was classified as an "urban action variety"; a genre of variety shows in an urban environment.

Additionally, if the members succeeded in the One Chance mission, they were all relieved of the punishment regardless of how many Running Balls each of them possessed.

As of episode 38 and onwards, there were some episodes which included spy/spies.

Episodes 6 to 10, a consistent game format was used where both teams competed to obtain the most Running Man Balls (shortened to Running Balls in future episodes).

Running Balls were awarded to the team that found a ball, and were also given to individuals who won a game, who received a Running Ball of their team's color (blue or red).

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