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Recent episodes have included a Photos: The 11 Best Comedian-Musicians3.

Both have backgrounds in improv and acting, although it's likely Stratton's experience organizing the San Francisco Sketch Fest that accounts for the show's carefully curated selection of guests.

Six years later, the crowded field of comedy podcasting is now teeming with competitors. Tompkins This show's clever premise is that it's nighttime on the Internet, and listeners are now privy to what goes on while normal people are asleep.

With hundreds of laugh care providers to choose from, it might be difficult to figure out which ones are worthy heirs to the erstwhile Podfather's throne. That description translates to improvised ramblings, taped skits from Tompkins' live show at Largo in Los Angeles and excerpts from "The Great Undiscovered Project"—a series of imagined phone calls between B-list celebrities embarking on a collaboration (all voiced by Tompkins).

' Pop My Culture.' Hosts: Cole Stratton and Vanessa Ragland Launched just over a year ago, is a series of loose, conversational interviews with a unique array of funny people.

The subject matter bounces around from music to TV and movies, and whatever else makes up the guests' resumes.

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